We empower our partners to retain control of clinical management, delivering exceptional value through our adaptable digital platforms and in-house laboratory.

An end-to-end service tailored for you

SH.UK is the only fully integrated e-sexual health service that enables partners to choose between their own clinical support or have it provided by our CQC registered, consultant-led clinical team.

The SH.UK service includes:

Easy to use service user website
NHS approved triage & safeguarding
Clinical patient management
Treatment & contraception prescribing
Cloud-based clinical record system
Management of symptomatic users

Online triage and test selection

SH.UK provides access to self-sampling for chlamydia, gonorrhoea, syphilis, HIV, Hep B and Hep C, as well as Trichomonas vaginalis (TV), and Mycoplasma genitalium.

SH.UK’s online triage and safeguarding questions have been developed in partnership with NHS clinicians. Partners can choose these ‘off the shelf’ questions or develop their own, tailored to local need. SH.UK’s clinically developed algorithms use answers from triage questions to select appropriate screening options.

Clinical patient management

Clinical patient management can be handled in two ways:

  • Local Clinic model – this is our core service model. Local clinical teams manage patient results and safeguarding through upskilling their internal teams. We have co-developed multiple clinical screening pathway configurations with services to support increased access to testing for more people and to test for more infections.
  • Clinic Outsourced model – we also provide centralised patient results and safeguarding management with a trusted and highly experienced clinical partner.

Data and Reporting

Our partners benefit from highly detailed and insightful data and reporting, giving them in-depth understanding of their service users, and the services we provide – enabling them to better control budgets and ensure they are providing the best and most appropriate services. Reporting is used to address health inequalities as the data can be used to evidence that the right people are using these services.

SH.UK offers the ability to generate a wide range of reports. Commissioners can also access a range of aggregate reporting tools. These include reports on overall testing data, geographic breakdowns, demographic breakdowns, financials, repeat patient data, and the flexibility to develop custom reports.

Managing symptomatic users online

During the last 18-months, Preventx have worked closely with our NHS and local authority partners to increase access to self-referral online testing services for users with mild and complex symptoms. Supporting this has been additional infection testing for Trichomonas vaginalis (TV), with further tests and resistance testing due to added.
The management of complex symptoms online has also been made available, through the close integration with the local clinical teams and the flexibility of a powerful clinical triage recommendation engine to safely manage users with symptoms to the most appropriate pathways.

A complete sexual health service

Beyond remote STI testing, SH.UK is a complete sexual health service, with additional services including:

Remote Chlamydia Treatment

Through our CQC registered
and MHRA approved pharmacy partner, SH.UK can provide chlamydia treatment. Service
users with a positive result will be asked screening questions and can choose to have their treatment posted or they can collect it from a high street pharmacy store.

Partner Notification

Where SH.UK offers remote treatment, people with positive results are asked to provide details of partners to speed up the partner notification process for local clinic teams. The service user does not have to complete partner notification on the site, but they do see the page as part of their journey before they order treatment or are signposted to a local clinic.

Contraception and condoms

SH.UK offers a clinically safe way to order routine and emergency hormonal contraception. Clinical support can be delivered by SH.UK’s NHS-led team or by the partner’s own designated clinical team.

Our condom service allows service users aged 16 and over to request a condom pack to be delivered to their home address.