by Kate Ebbutt

Leading online doctor LloydsPharmacy Online Doctor has announced a new partnership with Preventx, the UK’s leading diagnostic provider.

The partnership will boost LloydsPharmacy Online Doctor’s sexual health testing services for a wide range of STIs. This includes tests for chlamydia, gonorrhoea, syphilis and HIV.

Customers with STI worries will be able to order test kits online from Depending on the infection, tests range from a finger-prick blood test to a PCR test. Expert information sent to customers guides them through the process, allowing them to confidently complete the test in a location that suits them. Customers then send samples back in the post, where they will be processed by Preventx at their bespoke laboratory. Results are made available to patients within 72 hours via their patient record.

Andy Sloman, CEO LloydsPharmacy Online Doctor, said:

“At LloydsPharmacy Online Doctor we are proud to keep our customers safe with dependable and convenient at-home testing for a range of infections including STIs. We are delighted to be partnering with Preventx, the established market leader in sexual health testing, to strengthen that offer even further. Our partnership will empower our customers to take control of their health, keeping themselves and their partners safe.”

Preventx is the UK’s leading provider of remote diagnostics, partnering with private and public sector organisations to improve access to testing in the UK and beyond. Since launching in 2008, the Sheffield-based organisation has carried out 15 million tests, working with the NHS and Local Authorities across more than half of the UK.

Commenting on the partnership, Ruth Poole CEO of Preventx said:

“STIs are on the rise. With new diagnoses increasing by 24% in 2022,[ref] it’s vital that everyone who is sexually active can test regularly. We are proud to be launching this partnership with LloydsPharmacy Online Doctor, bringing our leading digital diagnostics together with their online clinical program to help tackle STI rates and keep customers stay safe.

“Our newly developed API is the cornerstone of this partnership, seamlessly integrating with LloydsPharmacy Online Doctor’s digital offering. This flexible and scalable approach means that customers can order STI tests directly through LloydsPharmacy Online Doctor’s website with results delivered efficiently and confidentially, using a process that is both user-friendly and secure.

“By combining our expertise and the intelligent use of tech to make testing more accessible, we believe our partnership will enable more people to proactively manage their sexual health and prevent onward transmission of infections.”

About the author:

Kate Ebbutt is the Head of Marketing and Communications for Preventx