by Kate Ebbutt

Preventx is increasing access to reliable, fast and convenient STI testing for more people, through a new partnership with iPlaySafe, a London-based medical and tech start-up that allows users to share their sexual health results. People who use the app will now benefit from Preventx’s world-leading dispatch service and internationally accredited in-house laboratory.

iPlaySafe offers an at-home self-testing kit through an app that also allows users to share their sexual health status. People can test for the six most common STIs; chlamydia, gonorrhoea, HIV, syphilis, hepatitis B and C. People get their results within five working days and, when necessary, treatment and advice is provided by iPlaySafe’s medical team, who provide easy access to online prescriptions, as well as at home delivery medication.

Announcing the new partnership, Ruth Poole, CEO of Preventx, said “Preventx is excited to be partnering with iPlaySafe. Our 14 years’ experience at the top of the STI self-sampling sector means we can ensure that everyone who uses iPlaySafe has access to accurate, discreet and fast sexual health testing.

“Through our innovative digital tech and expert integrated laboratory, Preventx makes remote testing a convenient and normal part of looking after your health. We look forward to enabling even more people to use our services through the iPlaySafe App.”

Bianca Dunne, co-founder of iPlaySafe App, said: “We are delighted to partner with Preventx, which is such a leader in the world of online, health testing. The last two years have propelled our focus on health and wellbeing to the forefront of the agenda and advancements in technology have made testing more commonplace and more efficient. It’s a natural progression for us to do the same for other means of health, including taking charge of our own sexual health.

“The rate of STD infections today continues to rise and there is still a shame and stigma associated with testing, which is why it’s important for us to raise awareness of the importance of getting tested and make it easier for anyone of any age and any lifestyle. This partnership with Preventx will help make testing more efficient and encourage more to do so.”

Founded in 2019, iPlaySafe aims to break taboos around sexual health and encourage more positive, open dialogue between young people and their communities. Through partnering with Preventx, iPlaySafe ensures that the people using their service will benefit from the highest standards of remote testing, enabling greater access to sexual health.

About the author:

Kate Ebbutt is the Head of Marketing and Communications for Preventx