We empower people to access reliable, trusted remote sexual health services, through our adaptable digital platform, efficient self-sampling and in-house laboratory.

Preventx has spent the past 15 years working with public healthcare officials in the fight for sexual health.

We believe that remote testing gives people the choice to safely manage their sexual health from home, helping our public sector partners to prioritise in-person appointments for people who need them most. Our innovative tech platform continually evolves to meet the needs of our partners and service users.

Supporting millions of people through remote testing

5.5 million

STI testing kits have been dispatched through our services.

15 million

tests have been carried out by our in-house laboratory.


average return rate on the test kits we send out to people.


of service users recommend us to friends or family.


SH.UK is the UK’s leading fully integrated remote sexual health service.

Through SH.UK, Preventx works in partnership with the NHS and local authorities to provide a sexual and reproductive health service offering remote STI testing, treatment and contraception.

SH.UK’s online triage and safeguarding questions have been developed in partnership with NHS clinicians. SH.UK’s clinically developed algorithms use answers from triage questions to select appropriate screening options.

Our partners benefit from highly detailed and insightful data and reporting, giving them in-depth understanding of their service users, and the services we provide – enabling them to better control budgets and ensure they are providing the best and most appropriate services. Reporting is used to address health inequalities as the data can be used to evidence that the right people are using these services.

Sexual Health London

Sexual Health London (SHL.UK) is a discreet sexual health service for Londoners. The award-winning SHL.UK is the largest digital sexual health service in Europe.

The service is run through a partnership between Preventx, who provide the online platform and dedicated laboratory testing, LloydsPharmacy Online Doctor, who provide contraception and chlamydia treatment, and clinical leadership from Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

Award-winning diagnostics

Preventx has been awarded ‘Diagnostics Provider of the Year’

Judges said:
“ Preventx’s commitment to innovation in technology and whole pathway management using remote testing and case management is impressive. Its overall commitment to first-time accuracy is underpinned by excellent outcome statistics.”

“ Its unique and holistic approach, underpinned by an adaptable technology platform, empowers people to access reliable and trusted remote sexual health services.”

“It is using industry standard laboratory
and diagnostic services, but has developed
a user-centric way of improving access
to diagnostics.”

What makes our services unique…

Our digital innovation

Our robust and innovative digital platform is world-class and designed to enable rapid development, with a focus on ease of use for everyone. 

Our technology platform is the backbone of Preventx – it powers everything we do, creating a streamlined experience for service users, efficiently managing every step of the process from kit ordering, dispatch, lab, and results.

Preventx uses a ‘cloud first’ approach to hosting our service. Preventx is also Cyber Essentials Plus certified – a Government-backed scheme to help businesses ensure their cyber security measures are secure against potential attackers.

15 years of expertise in remote sampling

Over the past 15 years we have dispatched self-sampling kits to empower people to take control of their health from home.

We have spent years perfecting and iterating our testing kits, self-sampling guidance and expert service users support, resulting in kit return rates that are industry-leading.

80% of our kits are returned by service users.

Preventx in-house laboratory

Our in-house laboratory

Preventx is the only digital sexual health service with its own in-house laboratory, and we have developed and evolved our processes specifically to test the small samples that are produced through self-sampling. For example, we can carry out up to six tests on a single finger-prick blood sample, plus confirmatory testing and assays such as quantitative RPR. 

We only process our own tests, from our own sampling kits and with a focus on sexual health. We don’t process tests for anyone else, so no other work is more important or higher priority.

Packing and dispatch

All kits are packed and dispatched by our dedicated team, through an innovative, personalized, and efficient process that provides users the best experience while ensuring that efficiencies in the process are passed on through value to our partners.