Preventx partners with health services to deliver a world class ‘one stop shop’ solution for remote diagnostic health screening. Our services are fully integrated an individual patient case may be securely tracked from patient request and subsequent sample receipt through to patient result handling and treatment as required.

Coupled with the above, as diagnostic health screening technology continues to improve, more opportunities to cost-effectively and efficiently complete screening services should arise.

As an example, we’re currently providing a fully integrated remote chlamydia screening service to over 100 Local Authority areas around England resulting both in an increased number of screens and higher diagnostic rate contributed to the National Chlamydia Screening Programme.

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For more details about working with us, and live reports about existing users looking to access our screening services, please see our Professionals Report.

Screening Solution


  • Market Research - we carry out market research about the targeted demographic and seek to widen targets where possible.
  • Test Kit Design & Supply - we design and build all our diagnostic test kits in-house to ensure they are simple to use and return - and look good. It's no coincidence our kits have achieved return rates almost double that of comparable designed kits.


  • Marketing - where required we will market and promote the availability of screening services to the public, in order to achieve more interest and more completed tests.
  • Kit Dispatch - where required, we dispatch postal test kits directly to patients, usually within hours of them being requested.
  • Laboratory Services - our lab provide a range of diagnostic tests, and we can integrate with other providers where required.
  • Data Collection and Reporting - we collect and store all data securely and offer clients a range of online reporting tools tailored to their needs.
  • Treatment - we work with clients to pass patients along a clear chain of care, and can offer remote treatment services where agreed/applicable.


  • Targeting a Different Demographic - analysis of patient data from our existing screening service shows remote testing and online services attract a new demographic of patients, many of whom may otherwise not have sought a screening.
  • High Sample Return Rates - our existing services achieve a significantly high percentage of test kits returned than comparable services.
  • Cost-Effective - our services target new patients and offering remote diagnostic services offers good value for money compared to offering screening though other channels.
  • High Diagnostic Rate - we believe that due to the nature of our services, and the points mentioned above remote screening is more likely to achieve results - and when diagnostic rate is important this leads to a highly cost-effective 'cost per diagnosis'.

Your NHS Screening Programme:

We fully recognise that it is a pre-requisite that to be viable for a remote screening service the relevant laboratory test must be available. However, with increasing advances in testing technology, more and more tests are coming onto the market which should prove viable.

There are numerous other potential health screening, including:

  • Sexually Transmitted Infections - there are a range of STI screens which can be tested remotely via simple patient taken samples.
  • Cancer Screening - postal tests for bowel cancer are available and currently in use for screening, and preliminary screening for prostate cancer is viable.
  • Well-being Tests - remote testing is available for diabetes, allergies and interferences, drug use, fertility and pregnancy, plus many other health conditions.
If you would like to hear more, or to talk with us about your potential requirement, please contact us.
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