Medical Transport Systems

At Preventx we strive to use the best components in all test kits and remote diagnostic products which pass though our laboratory. It is essential that packaging is well designed and performs optimally for the full usage life-cycle (from patient ease of use, to maximising laboratory throughput).

Preventx use, and offer, a range of medical packaging solutions, from specialist components to complete remote sample collection solutions.

Our range of products and packaging are suited for the transportation of single or multiple specimens (such as blood, urine, vials and slides) from both patients or professionals to the laboratory.

What's special about our products?

Preventx develop unique packaging solutions for the postal testing market.
Our medical packaging systems use components which are available in many configurations to suit a wide variety of transportation requirements. Where applicable, our solutions are designed to provide category UN3373 compliant medical packaging.


Where applicable primary or secondary containers are 95kpa tested. Patented technology used in secondary packaging offers high absorbency and contour hugging features to provide leak-proof packaging and ensure that all liquid is fully absorbed in the event of any spillage.

Where packaging is manufactured with a clear lid, specimen barcodes and information can be read, and any leaks identified without the recipient having to open the package, improving laboratory throughput and reducing risks of contamination.

When combined with a suitable primary liquid container, packaging may be used to produce fully UN3373 compliment postal packages

After product use, the absorbent material can be washed from the packaging leaving the rest of the package, made entirely from polypropylene, suitable for recycling.

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