Coronavirus Update: April 14th

During this time of extreme pressure on the health and care system we are committed to ensuring that we play our part in supporting our customers and patients by maintaining critical sexual health diagnostic and treatment services. We have seen some of these patients start to flow though now and with our recently increased capacity stand by ready to support your services though our online channels.

Please see below a quote from the BASHH President, Dr John McSorley, provided to Preventx today (April 14th) and shared with his permission.

"The impact of COVID19 on the health service has been unprecedented. We are all still adapting to the challenges, however it has never been more important that we recognise and maintain our capacity to provide important elements of wider health care to prevent unintended harm. For sexual health care, we must ensure we provide essential elements of care and adapt how we provide face to face services. For many services the appropriate responses include increasing distance testing especially expanding capacity available online. The UK entered into the Coronavirus Pandemic at a time of mounting concern at the rising prevalence of some STIs. We need to continue to test people at risk of STIs, and to maintain access to testing for those who perceive themselves to be at risk irrespective of whether they have symptoms.

While there is capacity within our systems, we should optimise our activities for maximal benefit for all. We need to do things differently and better, not stop."

Coronavirus Update: April 9th

At Preventx we are keen to step forward and play our part in supporting the national effort to overcome the COVID-19 crisis. We have spoken with national stakeholders and considered how we can make the best and most meaningful contribution to the system during this unprecedented time.

Our current plan is to continue to support the healthcare system by focusing on our specialist area of sexual health screening and diagnosis including the provision of contraception where required. This will enable us to release capacity within NHS clinics, enabling them to release staff to other duties and minimise the number of patients that have to travel to clinic settings.

Our team have a robust plan to increase our capacity as we see the number of patients accessing our online services increase. We have been working with services to provide robust symptomatic screening for patients which is having a tangible impact in gaining timely access to treatment and helping services to prioritise higher risk patients.

We have been working to expand the digital services available to customers and we are very shortly able to offer the following:

  • Remote treatment pathways for chlamydia, gonorrhoea, genital warts and other infections.
  • Remote pathway for contraception and EHC
  • Flexibility over contract arrangements
  • This is clearly a fast changing situation and we are working closely with customers to ensure that our offer meets the changing clinical needs of patients and services as far as is possible responding quickly where needed.

    If you would like to talk to one of our team to work on a plan to support your clinical practice then please contact us by phone on 0333 344 4462 or via the message process by clicking here.

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