Fact: Many 1000s of visitors come to freetest.me every week looking for a Chlamydia test, and many are from your local area. Around 90% of our visitors say that if they can't request a test from us, they probably won't bother to get tested.

We know how busy you are trying to hit targets - and your job will soon be increasingly challenging as targets move over the coming years. The good news - we're here to help you...

Visitors From Your Region

If you are connecting via the NHS N3 network, you may view some detailed information about the visitors from your PCT by visiting visit our information page on the freetest.me website.

We now offer two different services which will help to increase your number of completed screens, both cost effectively (our service costs significantly less than the NCSP target screening price) and with no risks! Please note that many of our participating Local Authorities continue to run their local Chlamydia postal scheme as normal, but gain many additional screens via our service (and by using either our bespoke test kits or their own local kits).

To find out more about offering freetest.me testing in your region just email info@freetest.me (or call 0333 344 4452).

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